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Offerings for Body, Mind, Senses and Soul

$15 off individual Bars®, Reiki and Chakra Balancing EnergyWork Sessions in February – My Valentine’s gift to you!


I am a certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor and can offer guidance on specific postures, pranayama (breath work), meditation and lifestyle practices that will support your healing process, inner growth and exploration of consciousness.

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Ayurveda is a natural system of self-care and self-healing that can help you alleviate imbalances at their root cause and create a healthier, happier, more balanced life.
Consultations available in person, online or via telephone.

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Master Level Reiki

Enjoy deep rest and relaxation as we reduce stress and tension in the mind and body so you can feel renewed and refreshed and support the healing process.
Distance sessions available by request.

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Access Bars®

Come have your Bars® run!
By lightly touching specific points on the head, we can release the electromagnetic charge of thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that may have limited you in challenging areas of your life such as health, relationships, sex and money. What could be better than that?

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Chakra Balancing

Receive intuitive insights as we clear and release energies in your subtle body that no longer serve so you can feel more grounded, peaceful, lighter and more resolved.

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Receive support and guidance for navigating the many joys, changes and challenges you can experience when you are ready let go of the old ways of doing and seek a new way of being.

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Come Discover What’s Possible for You!

You can:
- Alleviate anxiety to feel relaxed and at peace
- Sleep deeply to wake rested and refreshed
- Overcome fatigue and have abundant energy
- Release emotional triggers for more joy and ease
- Find the source of happiness within and create the life you've always wanted
..... and so much more!

You deserve to make yourself a priority.

I have never regretted investing in my personal growth and wellbeing and can't imagine where I would be now if I hadn't.
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I offer a Complimentary Discovery Appointment to meet me and learn more, or you can book your preferred service now.

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