I specialize in helping holistic, spiritual and socially conscious organizations create outstanding events while taking the stressful, time-consuming work off their hands


Whether you’re planning a meeting, conference, or retreat the process requires access to the right support and resources to achieve optimal success and the desired outcomes.


I have aligned 25 years of business experience and my passion for holistic health, spirituality and conscious living with my role as a meeting and event planning specialist with Experient, one of the best-known and most respected brands in the event management world.

My vision is to support your organization in forwarding its cause and mission through the event experience, thereby contributing to the betterment of society in ways that I could never do alone.

Being in a unique market, it’s important to have someone in your corner who speaks your language, understands your group’s needs and can work as an effective liaison on your behalf.

My purpose is to make your job easier. By utilizing my training and experience in both alternative and conventional professions, I can assist you with creating successful events on the measures that are most important to you.



I will:


  • Source ideal locations to choose from that support the vision, goals, and feel of your event

  • Negotiate desirable rates and concessions so you enjoy the greatest value for money spent

  • Deliver the most favorable contracts that keep your organization’s best interest at heart

There are also many other resources we can utilize through Experient with our unmatched Sourcing Spectrum.


Click HERE to download our Sourcing Spectrum brochure.

Let’s talk about what’s in your planning pipeline.

There is no charge to talk with me to learn more. Should we decide to work together, my fee is paid by the venue you book with, so there is never an expense to your organization whatsoever.


To begin benefiting from the many resources available to us:


Email or call my direct line 207-219-9701.


I look forward to connecting with you!

Sandra Dugliss